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spring seasonal services 

Intentional Aromatherapy

 Built on three cherished values: 

Quality, Beauty and Intention.

Quality because these formulas are composed without compromise using exquisite essential oils sourced from boutique and organic farms around the globe. 

Beauty because each oil blend is designed to capture the heart…and while we all know that scent is such a personal experience, you

are sure to find your perfect match here. 


Each of these blends holds a specific intention…a defined,

positive outcome for your well-being…encoded in its formulation.

Choose from a flight of 5 aromatherapy blends to customize your treatment.  The flight includes the following:

i renew - purifying & detoxing (rosemary, cypress, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang)

i unwind - calming & relaxing (patchouli, vetiver, sweet orange, clary sage, lavender, and sweet marjoram)
i play - repairing & anti-inflammatory (arnica, immortelle, lavender, sweet marjoram, clove bud, peppermint, and wintergreen)
i rejoice - sweet & uplifting (lime, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, english chamomile, vanilla, and mya chang)
i love exotic & delicious (jasmine sambac, bergamot, champaca, vanilla, ylang-ylang, cajeput, amber, sandalwood, neroli)

Seasonal Massage 

Intentional Aromatherapy Massage
infused with Reiki 

Your choice of intentional aromatherapy, blended with a rich shea & goat butter, will be used throughout this fusion massage.  We will infuse your massage with a bit of Reiki - healing energy holds - throughout the massage to send you deeper into relaxation and promote healing throughout the body.   

Seasonal Facial 

Organic Enzyme Firming Facial
infused with Reiki 

This DNA organic facial is customized just for you.  A custom blended mask will be mixed during your facial according to your skin's immediate needs.  Your choice of intentional aromatherapy blended with a rich shea & goat butter will be used during your hand, neck and shoulder massage.  A bit of Reiki - healing energy holds - will be incorporated throughout the facial to send you deeper into relaxation and promote healing throughout the body.   

Seasonal Manicure & Pedicure 

The Bliss -
Intentional Aromatherapy Manicure & Pedicure 

The Bliss - Mani 
Your hands will be immersed in a foaming soak, polished with jojoba sugar polish and massaged with a rich shea & goat milk butter all blended with your choice of intentional aromatherapy.   The i renew serum (made with lemongrass & pomegranate) will soften your nails & cuticles. 

The Bliss - Pedi 
The i rejoice neroli mist is used on feet and legs.  Dip your feet in a foaming salt soak, we'll then scrub your feet and legs with a jojoba sugar polish, smother your feet in Sedona Sacred Clay Mask and massage you with a rich shea & goat butter all blended with your choice of intentional aromatherapy.

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