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èlan waxing
** "maintenance" pricing is applied when services are booked within 6 weeks of last appointment.
èlan brows
Careful brow analysis, waxing & precision tweezing followed with the application of a redness reducing powder & natural brow makeup.
brow wax maintenance **
regular cleanup & shaping of the eyebrow
secret stache
upper lip wax
stache plus
upper & lower lip wax
chinny chin
rid yourself of coarse hairs under your chin!  shhh...  It's our little secret!
extended chin
chin plus jawline or into the neck area
baby face
wax your entire face to get rid of those pesky whiskers and peach fuzz (brow included)... your face will feel baby soft!
bikini wax
beach ready, basic bikini line
brazilian wax
All gone!  We'll remove all bikini area hair..everything!  Become a regular for maintenance pricing.  See below: 
brazilian wax maintenance **
maintain your Brazilian regularly (every 4-6 weeks)!  Trust us..  Its less pain for you AND your pocket book.
full  $35
half $25
full  $55
half $30
waxing vs. shaving = no more irritating bumps or 5 o'clock shadow!
full $65
half  $35
pricing is determined case by case.
èlan beauty bar
affordable makeup application and hair styling at spa élan
Getting your makeup professionally done -just because- is totally affordable!  Whether it's a girls night out, date night with your honey or a holiday soiree it just feels better to have your makeup done for you...we would like to invite you to the spa for your personalized & affordable makeup application.  SO worth it!  
Check out the looks in our event's & promotions page for inspiration. 
Monday - Thursday
(excluding bridal) 
natural look         $38
glam look            $55
eyes only             $25
add faux lashes   $10
Friday - Sunday
natural look          $55
glam look             $70
bridal party look   $70      
bridal look            $125
eyes only              $40
add faux lashes     $15
Monday - Thursday
(excluding bridal) 
Blow-out            $38
Simple Style
(no pinning)       $38
glam it up           $55
Friday - Sunday
Blow-out            $55
Simple Style
(no pinning)       $55
glam it up          $65
bridal styling     $95
èlan nail care 

Introducing our new Clarisonic Pedi

Our most luxurious pedicure yet.. Experience the New Clarisonic Pedi during your next spa pedicure treatment.  Leave with your feet feeling the softest they have ever been, plus take home the OPI nail color we use on your toes as our gift to you! 

Seasonal Spa Manicure & Pedicure
"not just nails"
Each season we develop a new manicure & pedicure designed to treat the nails & skin accordingly.  In addition to the benefits of a classic manicure, this luxury spa treatment will leave you with beautiful skin & perfectly polished nails.   
Seasonal Spa Manicure
40 min  $30  
Seasonal Spa Pedicure  
60min   $55

minx fingers & toes
Extend fashion to your fingertips, cutting edge, chip-less creation that is chemical-free and environmentally friendly.  The Minx come in various patterns, graphics, metallics, as well as your basic solid nail colors! 

fingers $48
includes dry manicure
toes $68
includes dry pedicure
minx fingers plus $63
includes express manicure 24-48 hrs
prior to minx application
minx toes plus $93
includes express pedicure done 24-48
hrs prior to minx application
Chipless Manicure Treatments
This manicure uses polish that wears like gel & is chipless for 7-14 days.  The polish is high gloss, flexible, thin & truly addictive!
$15 add on to any manicure
$18 add on to any pedicure
*removal is free if service was received at spa elan.
 honey sugar butter pedicure
Our version of the classic pedicure.  Using gloMinerals body products not only will you enjoy this relaxing treat, your nails will be cleaned and polished to perfection!
45min  $45
honey sugar butter manicure
Our version of the classic manicure.  Using gloMinerals body products, just relax...
& your nails will be cleaned and polished to perfection!
25min  $25
èxpress manicure
~shape nails
~clean cuticles
~polish & you're out the door
15min.  $20
èxpress pedicure
~shape nails
~quick soak
~clean cuticles
~polish & you're out the door
25min  $35
èlan massage
lomi lomi massage
A favorite among many of our regulars!.. This Hawaiian style massage is designed to calm your mind & guide you into true mindless relaxation.  Stress be gone!
75 min $115
add-on $20
spot treat massage
Regular treatment of specific problematic areas is key to successful massage therapy.  Take 20 minutes out of each week to treat the area that is nagging you daily. 
20 min $33
therapeutic massage
Classic massage designed specific to each client's needs.  Soft - deep pressure.  Your therapist will take the time to customize your massage specific for you.
50 min $85
80 min $120
sport massage
A classic massage incorporating stretching with massage techniques that help sore, overworked muscles.  Ideal for post workout!  Medium - deep pressure.  Your therapist will take the time to customize your massage specific for you.
50 min $95
75 min $115
90 min $140
prenatal massage
**must be after first trimester.  Designed for the comfort and relaxation of expecting mothers and, like the classic massage, to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. Prenatal massage is also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, your therapist will customize your massage accordingly.
50 min $95
80 min $130
30 min  $45
25min add-on to any massage, pedicure or tandem with any facial $33
55 min  $87
foot treat massage
just a treat for your feet :)
20min    $25
èlan tanning
natural glo
We will use our organic tanning formulation from to give you a luxury, full coverage, full body spray tan.
light glo
A quick full body light coverage application for a natural glow.
Great for a spring tan!
double dipped 
(for a deep glo)
Your 1st tan will be a natural glo. The second tan will be a light glo applied within 72 hours of the 1st tan for a longer lasting,enhanced and deeper tan.
half body glo
A full coverage application for half of
the body. Your choice of upper body
(arms & torso) or lower body
 (upper & lower legs).
èlan skin care
seasonal facial
50min $95
Each Season we design a facial specific to your skin's needs during that particular time of the year.  
the èlan facial
50min $87
80 min $117 (includes foot massage)
Maintain healthy, beautiful skin with this customized facial.
Includes: Skin analysis, cleanse using the clarisonic system, steam, exfoliation, extractions, masque, lymphatic facial massage, and more...
acne rescue facial
50min $95
A deep cleansing facial with emphasis
on breakouts and congestion.
Includes: Skin analysis, cleanseusing the clarisonic system, steam, exfoliation, extractions, masque, lymphatic facial massage,and more.
quick fix facial
25min $65
Is your skin in need of a quick fix?
This is the facial for you.
Includes: Skin analysis, cleanse using
the clarisonic system, steam, exfoliation. Your skin will glow after a customized masqueand pure essential oils are
applied to your face.
èlan facial peels
50min $98-$168
80min $138-$208 (includes foot treatment)
The spa offers peels to improve problematic and aging skin.  Your skin's clarity and tone will be improved while working on fine lines, sun damage, acne and scarring. Peels include a full facial.
quick peels
25min $69-$89
Recommended in a series of six. In six weeks of peels you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin. Peels diminish the appearance of fine lines, hyper pigmentationand scarring. A DNA Maintenance Facial is recommended
before and after the series. Quick peels an be performed as a single service for an instant glow.
Medi-C facial
50min $95
100% vitamin C crystals are mixed with a berry polish for results of polish, brighten, even skin tone, increases collagen production, and is anti-inflammatory and anti-axoidant!
DNA stem cell facial
70 min $165
The ultimate in anti-aging treatments! This is an anti-aging facial that is good for all skin types. This is cruelty free..
stem cells are extracted from the embryo of a bovine and frozen until applied to your skin to rejuvenate your skin's cells.
some like it hot! facial
70min $110
Instant results!
This is Epicuren's signature facial. A unique protein enzyme is utilized to stimulate cell metabolism and to lift, tighten and firm the skin. You will walk away feeling like you've had a mini face lift with a dramatic improvement in the
appearance of your skin! Customized
for all skin types.
Includes: foot treatment as well as hand, arm, neck and scalp massage.
the flip side
50min $95
Our DNA back facial. Everything we do
for the face... on your back.
facial add-ons
Hand or foot treatments
Includes: clarisonic cleanse, exfoliation,
anti-aging masque and massage
express manicure or pedicure
(see èlan nails for pricing)
Spa Packages 
sèasonal packages
seasonal facials
four 50 minute seasonally themed facials  
Available every 3 months. Join our mailing list to be updated as to when this offer will next be available. 
seasonal massages
four 75 minute seasonally themed massages   $345
Available every 3 months. Join our mailing list to be updated as to when this offer will next be available. 

èssential wellness package
lomi lomi massage
75 min regular $115
medi-C facial with tandem 
reflexologie foot treat
50min regular $128 

**Packages can also be customized..call or text to customize your spa package today!! 
pèel packages
series of peels
For the best results from facial peels purchase a series of 6 peels and receive 1 free! 
Available as èlan facial with peel or quick peels. 
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